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Insulated Foundations
Insulating your foundation and slab will cut down on your energy bill by buffering the interior of your home from the outside elements. This simple technique is so easy it is a wonder only a hand full of builders incorporate it into their Homes. A home is built on its foundation and slab, which is pretty much the only part of the home that touches the earth. All along the outside perimeter of the house the sun radiates into the exposed slab, thus affecting the interior environment (See illustration #1.) The slab is a thermal mass and stores most of tje exterior temperatures at the perimeter, like a battery. If your builder buffers your stem wall with insulation from the ground on the outside perimeter the energy used to condition your home will be much less. There are various techniques to achieve this and is dependent on the primary building system incorporated in construction. We recommend building your home using an insulated masonry system (See Illustration #2) such as AAC, Rastra, Omni Block or Integra Block. A wood framed home with a soy based high-density foam or blown in insulation will work well also but if you can afford to use a masonry system all the better. Retrofitting a home with this energy saving technique will cost more money because you will have to dig out along the perimeter of the home to install the insulation. Plants and other exterior slabs may make it very difficult for total coverage. Best to do this when you build! It will help cut down on your energy saving you money and you do your part for a “Sustainable Future”.. Build it Right, Build it Green!