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The Edwards Design Group believes your home should be a reflection of who you are. The way it looks, the way it opens to you, the way it interacts with its surroundings. Every individual has their idea of the perfect home. Manifesting your dream is what we do. It’s a meticulous process, but the result is a home that is so much more than a beautiful place to live, it is a dynamic extension of your lifestyle.

The Edwards Design Group has been a privately owned, family run business for over 30 years. Our home’s span from Fifth Avenue in New York to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We have been the choice of celebrities, music industry moguls and even the General Manager and senior vice president of Architectural Digest. We offer uncompromising quality and respect to all of our valued clients.

We consider your relationship to your home: How you interact with it, how you work in the kitchen, and how you move through your house when you come home?


How does a home move from thought to form?

Our approach to home building is an uncommon blend of expertise and artistry. Your vision becomes the ideal home through a deliberate process of information gathering, thoughtful design choices and master craftsmanship. Our first step is to accompany you to your lot where we explore ideal views, orientation ,topography and an extensive discussion of your desires. We then are able to combine those elements into a design that will work best for you and your site. Once your plans are approved, building begins with clients receiving continuous updates, guided inspections and progress reports right though finishing. This is how we ensure the home you’ve envisioned becomes the home you make your life in.

How do we meet the need of our families and our planet?

The Edwards Design Groups is committed to protecting the earth and its inhabitants through green building practices. From the beginning, we have been pioneers of green building in Arizona, including being the first builder in Scottsdale to use and promote E-Crete or AAC, (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) an insulating inert concrete building block that has revolutionized the way the Europe and the world builds today.The Edwards Design Group has helped develop construction techniques that utilize energy efficient, recycled and locally produced materials. To protect families, we have built healthy homes that utilize low to no VOC’s and non-toxic materials. Our approach helps preserve the environment, conserve energy, save money and promote a quality of life that endures much longer than traditional building methods. These results are achieved without the slightest detraction in aesthetics or convenience.

Our involvement has enabled the City of Scottsdale’s Green Building Program to increase awareness of environmentally sound, energy efficient building techniques and will help ensure a healthier environment for future generations.