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For the last thirty years, Doug and Kevin Edwards have transformed ideas and dreams into beautiful environmentally friendly living and working spaces for our conscientious clients, developing a reputation for high design and sustainable quality construction. We are designers, builders, carpenters, craftsmen and artists. The result of our unique approach is a home or building that looks right, feels right and rests with beautiful harmony in it’s surroundings and the environment. To live or work in a building crafted with such care creates a quality of life that is unequaled. We invite you to explore our process further.

Before a design is started, we work with our clients to access their needs and the property. We want to ensure every building is integrated into the environment. Natural undulations and property boundaries are used to harmonize your future home or building with the land on which it sits.

Every project incorporates healthy principles. Special care is given to all material selection to insure no or low toxicity and with minimum environmental impact. Indigenous materials are used where possible to reduce transportation costs and improve a buildings melding with its surroundings. Extra effort is expended to help ensure non-invasive, ecologically sensitive architectural design practices. The building design starts with the clients inspiration and their needs, the land it will compliment, the views it you will enjoy, the solar orientation, the site, and the accessibility of the property. We start with a introduction meeting and discuss the process, your needs, our philosophy, a preliminary budget and our contract. We at that time present a questionnaire for you to peruse and fill out. This document will become the center of the design nucleus. After a contract is signed we will proceed to hire a surveyor to mark the boundaries and designate the topography, the views and setbacks. With this completed and digitized into CAD files we can move on to the architectural design phase.

Phase One; This phase starts with a floor plan that embodies your needs and one that fits the needs of the site. After the desired floor plan is completed elevations follow. Style and dynamics are brought forward into the elevations until your desires again are achieved. Together, the floor plan and elevations become the compliment of the preliminary phase. If an Architectural Design Review Board has jurisdiction over your project a preliminary submission is presented to them.

Phase Two; This is where the technical side of the design proceeds starts. The foundation, framing, roof, electrical, cross sections plans are all completed during this phase.

Phase Three; This phase brings all the team engineers together. The structural engineer provides a set of drawings, details and calculations. The civil engineer provides a grading and drainage plan along with any legal documentation needed for the municipalities with jurisdiction. All the drawings are complied and copies are made for permit submission and final “Architectural Design Review Board” approval. If your project is built in Scottsdale then we submit your plans through an accelerated program designed to accommodate “Green Building”.

Conclusion; Our staff of experienced professionals will guide your project through permitting quickly and efficiently. Our relationship with the code enforcing agencies helps expedite the permit process.