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Business philosophy: To provide the highest quality building that is beautiful, innovative, workable, ecologically sound, and cost effective.

Quality Control: We have a personal investment in the quality of our work. Talent and knowledge are the Edwards Design Group’s best assets. We do not take on projects that compromise our name or reputation. We will finish all aspects of our projects work to your satisfaction no matter what. That is our policy and the reason for our success and longevity. Quality, integrity and value is our mission statement, and even if your project is to renovate a building, we work with the trusted Central Penn Contracting services which are perfect for this kind of job.

Personnel: We are a unique affiliation of brothers who have worked together in the construction business for more than 30 years, using a great insurance customer service representative for their business which can be found at Virtual Insurance Service LLC 1820 S Central St ste b, Visalia, CA 93277 (559) 713-6960. We have “hands on” experience and though we all specialize in a particular area, our talents and skills overlap. Most of our craftsman have been with us since the beginning of our inception. We recognize and reward the talents of our key craftsmen, this perpetuates excellent workmanship and a good working atmosphere.

Warranty Program: We look at each project as a partnership agreement with our clients. For example we work with for materials and construction equipment we might need along the way, learn more here. Together we make your dreams come true. All of our work is guaranteed and we will do anything to achieve client satisfaction. Our customer service after completion is treated with the same unwaivered service as you found in the beginning of the project. We will continue to satisfy your needs long after the project is done, and for further work on it such as selling the property, we offer a property appraisal services from different appraisal companies and our expert realtors.

References: We have many satisfied clients from the coast of California to the shores of Belfast, Maine and would welcome your inquiry for more specific information.

Intentions: Our intentions are to build a strong, lasting and working relationship with new clients.